Tiji festival photo story | Upper Mustang Nepal 4wd epic overland trip – Is it worth?

The Tiji Festival is a vibrant, three-day celebration held annually in the ancient kingdom of Upper Mustang, Nepal.

Steeped in Tibetan Buddhist traditions, this festival commemorates the victory of good over evil, as embodied by the deity Dorje Jono defeating a demon to save the region. Witness masked dances, vibrant costumes, and ancient rituals amidst the dramatic landscapes of the Himalayas.

The festival is not just a spectacle for tourists, it is a deeply spiritual and meaningful event for the local people of Upper Mustang. It is a time for them to connect with their ancestors, celebrate their heritage, and seek blessings for a prosperous future.

Witnessing Tiji Festival in heart of Upper Mustang is an unforgettable experience, offering a rare glimpse into a vibrant culture and a land untouched by time.

Tiji festival in photos

tiji festival nepal

upper mustang nepal

The scenes I witnessed were so extraordinary and so unexpected that I dared not believe my eyes and even today I have some trouble in believing in the reality of what I saw that day.

Michel Peissel 1964

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Upper Mustang | Overland itinerary

Day 01Kathmandu to Pokhara | 201 km 125 miles | 7 hrs
Day 02Pokhara to Kagbeni | 160 km 99 miles | 6 hrs
Day 03Kagbeni to Lo Manthang | 42 km 26 miles | 4 hrs
Day 04Lo Manthang
Day 05Lo Manthang
Day 06Lo Manthang to Tatopani | 147 km 91 miles | 6 hrs
Day 07Tatopani to Pokhara | 81 km 50 miles | 3 hrs
Day 08Pokhara to Kathmandu | 201 km 125 miles | 7 hrs

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